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  1. Can anyone tell me the cheapest place for mk3 collars, the best ive seen up to yet £47 need them for next sunday so cant gurentee ebay bids finishing in time. cheers all bobnets
  2. Can someone please tell me how i preserve a rabbits foot or somthing simaler so that it doesnt rot. thanks Bobnets
  3. Here you go mate some pics, you take the spool off and bolt in a block of wood with a hook on, this reel is 1 turn of the handle equals 6 rotations of the spool, i find 10 turns of the handle makes me a decent wire.
  4. Got a few pics this morning while i had a walk out.
  5. Didnt really know which section to put this in as i shot it with my airgun but have shot it for use a call bird until i can catch a live one. got to look more authentic in the larson than a plastic one.
  6. hi stone cold make sure you put some pics up when its done and thanks for the comments
  7. thanks for the comments mate there is two small doors on the side of the call bird chamber to minimise the risk of the bird escapeing.
  8. Ditch there is no access from the catch chamber to the call bird chamber but thats a good idea i have put small doors on the sides of all the chambers to allow access for getting the quarry out. i will bear your idea in mind for the mark 2
  9. Thanks for the acknowledgement Bobs but I think that is overstating my contribution by quite a bit I had some ideas in this area and but nothing in mind as well made and as thought through as this. For the public record this should go down as Bobnets Idea. Very well done. As for the overall design it looks very good. I notice the catch doors are made as a cut-out than smaller than usual but I can't decide if this is a problem or an improvement. Obviously you've got to get to magpie to go into this smaller gap; it certainly looks physically big enough and 'funnels' work so it shou
  10. Looks a nice neat job mate should serve you well.
  11. Sorry to bore you all but nearly done now if i could only find my other larson spring, also decorated it a bit by burning a few pics onto the shelter portion of the trap..
  12. Posted a picture last week of my pigeon trap saying it would be a pigeon trap with a difference well the difference is it a pigeon trap and a larson trap one trap for both seems logical and it will get far more use. its nearly finished now just got to put the doors on the catch chambers for the larson section. Made a lock for the bob wires to secure them when the trap is used as a larson. Fitted a slideing door between the catch chambers that can be removed when in use as a pigeon trap. Also put doors on each side to remove
  13. Got some bob wires of john b so i made a start on my pigeon trap today only took one pic but when its finished it will be a pigeon trap with a difference i will post some pics when its finished and i can get some feedback on my idea. Thanks for the bob wires John.
  14. Heres mine Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2.5TD Warrior
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