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  1. Hawkeye 1

    Fox Caller

    I have a fox pro wildfire for sale 18 months old will hold up tp 200 calls had some fox's with this just not getting used anymore as mainly shooting over bait stations cost £200 + asking £140 posted will also throw in a memory stick with a load of calls on then you can pick the ones you want to use.. Never tried on crows as that is illegal but fox's love the calls..
  2. Hawkeye 1

    Lamber 28 " Barrels Multi Choke

    Still up for sale ....
  3. Hawkeye 1

    Lamber 28 " Barrels Multi Choke

    Thanks guys it does look nice and shoots good as well..
  4. Lanber field multi choke complete with 5 chokes and choke key 28 inch barrel 70 mm chambers wood work very good lovely engraved silver colour receiver engraved trigger guard very nice gun to shoot and fits like a glove Prefer face to face but will rfd at your cost. £395 [/uR
  5. Hawkeye 1

    Shootgun Reloading

    It helps if you can bulk buy. There are 3 of us and we buy powder in tubs of 20 kilo / primers we buy 9.000 at a time / wads we get 15.000 a time and we make our own shot size 6 and 7 and get the lead from mates so very little cost if any.. costs us just under £100 per 1,000 thats less than half price for some cartridges. You can always get good discounts with bulk buying..
  6. Hawkeye 1

    Iphone 4S

  7. Hawkeye 1

    Iphone 4S

    Still for sale thanks to time wasters now £150 posted
  8. Hawkeye 1

    Iphone 4S

  9. Hawkeye 1

    Iphone 4S

    Have a iPhone 4s for sale just upgraded and no longer needed been on O2 network..comes boxed with all paper work and leather case plus 2 charge leads.. £175 posted O N O
  10. Hawkeye 1

    Yukon Digital Nv Ranger

    reduced to £250 for quick sale ....
  11. I got this in march 2012 as replacement by insurance for one i damaged it has never even been out of the house RRP is £369.99 and Uttings have them in for £319.99. As it has never been used I'm asking £280 posted O N O. nice saving of £40 ..from new price.. its 5 X 42
  12. Hawkeye 1

    Informing Fao Of Intention To Reload

    Thats queer Deker i have been reloading expanding ammo now for about 6 years and not once have the various places I've bought my bullet heads from put them on my ticket…i have always been asked to see my ticket.. i can buy 500 and hold 600 for my 223 and also for my 243.. AS far as bullet heads for target shooting i can hold as many as i want they do not count till they are made up,,,,,,but with expanding heads then the bullet heads count towards your total allotment..made up or not For got to mention i have just had my tickets renewed and the feo looked at the amount of ammo on the back to my fac there was only .22 and .17HMR and he just asked do you reload your own C/F and i said yes is there a problem he said no everything is OK..
  13. Hawkeye 1

    Getting New Lamp Advice Needed

    I have the night master NM800 i use it both with red led for rabbits and rimfire work it does not seem to spook thing like my light force does even with filter.. I also switch the led to ir for work with the night vision and it works OK with that have shot fox's out to 200 yds with it no problem with sight i use it with an envis and my mate uses it now and then with his archer NV...
  14. Pity this would not fit my 10..22 or i would have had it nice looking stock…..
  15. Hawkeye 1

    Gun Lamp

    I have a light force 170 scope mounted that has a dimmer switch that i don't use any more as i now use NV all the time if interested PM me its going cheap they are well over £100 now..