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  1. You’re right, I apologize. My bull grey is a decent all around athlete with good feet. (He ran a full marathon next to me on leash), he just doesn’t quite have the top end I need for the job I’m after.
  2. I absolutely hate a fat dog. I keep my dogs extremely lean and take conditioning seriously. That wasn’t the problem. 50% box-dog just slows down the lurcher.
  3. Ijf, I have a APBTxGrey right now. Both parents were accomplished in their own right. I bred him when I was running deer and hogs. He was a failed experiment. He wasn’t really game enough for a big boar (he’s caught plenty of sow and shoats), and although I’ve had success with him on deer, I’d catch much more if he were faster. There are no coyote in my part of the state. They’ll be here eventually but not yet. Fox are fast but don’t take much of a dog to kill. I’ve owned hunting dogs for a long time, just haven’t ventured into longdogs much. I haven’t seen a Stagh
  4. I’ve seen these videos and want a dog like his. Can anyone put me in touch with this guy?
  5. The US Staghounds for Coyote that I’ve seen were huge and gave up a lot of speed compared to greyhounds. I’m sure they are rougher for yotes and have more stamina than a greyhound. For where I’m at, and the terrain I’m hunting, speed is more important than endurance and you don’t need a very rough dog for rabbit, fox or deer.
  6. Help I’m looking for a pup to meet my needs. I will be hunting rabbit, fox, and deer. I will be hunting pastures and easements. I need something with EXTREME speed for hunting cow-fields and horse-fields in Pennsylvania. If the deer make it to the woods, they are gone. We don’t have miles of giant fields like the Staghound guys do out west for running coyote. Does anyone produce Whippet x Staghound crosses? Can anyone show any video of Dave Platts “English Deerhounds” actually working? Would a purebred Greyhound be too fragile for field work?
  7. I’ve seen different dogs do it different ways, but it doesn’t take much of a dog to stop a deer once they get a hold of it. I’ve seen a 45lb 6month old pup grab one by the achiles and get the deer stopped. As much as I’ve read about deer putting up a fight I’ve never personally seen it. Every deer I’ve seen caught just dragged the dog as far as it could before it fell over and waited to die.
  8. I got my dog from a person named Adam Grant. He has deerhound/greyhound X's, bull/greyhound X's and I believe some whippet/deerhounds. I am not sure what he has at the moment but shoot me an email and I will reply with his contact info. matturban12@gmail.com Where are you located? I'm in Pennsylvania but Adam is from MO.
  9. Email Sent. I sent you 5 pictures. The first two are of him on a very much alive doe we snuck up on in a soccer field. The third one was when he was about 6 months old, we took him pig hunting and soon after I cut him loose I heard a squeal…soon afterward he came out of the reeds and dropped this piglet at my feet. The fourth pic is of a larger boar we caught during that hunting trip. I was upset with Rooster because he wouldn’t catch the pig, he ran at it and stopped it by grabbing the rear-end but then let go and backed up and barked. I normally wouldn’t have a use for
  10. I suppose your right and it wouldn't hurt to sit on him for a few more months. I am so used to having to drive 5 hours to go hunting I've been excited that I had a dog I could run game with near my house. If someone wants to show me how to post pictures I can show you what he looks like and post pics of a deer and a piglet he caught. If its better I don't post pics like that here I can email them. Interestingly enough, although I've never taught him to retrieve he seems to do that naturally. The first time I took him pig hunting he brought a live baby piglet right to my hands.
  11. When you say he is too young do you mean because they are too fast for him, or because he may not be mature enough to take getting bit by one, or becasue he doesn't have the focus yet for a long chase? I am sorry if this seems like a lot of dumb questions, I am just used to a very different type of dog and I am used to getting puppies started early.
  12. My experience is with dogs for boar hunting. I am familiar with bulldog and pit type breeds as well as hound and cur crosses. I decided to experiment and see if a pit x greyhound would make a less dog aggressive running catchdog that is able to stop those running hogs. My pup is 9 months old and about 60lbs. For a hog dog he seems a little soft for the task, just isn’t anywhere near as gritty as the pits I’m used to. I decided to see if I can use him for running rabbit and fox because there are plenty of them around here. I bought a fox call and to my surprise it worked
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