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  1. lancer

    middleton bred lakeys

    is a white lakeland a lakeland or a crosbred terrier then,
  2. lancer

    humane killers

    yes the .22 is working,the other needs a pin in the trigger,it can also be put back to .22 i have the parts to convert it back,and i am in cumbria,200 pound each.
  3. lancer

    humane killers

    I have 2 humane killers for sale looking for £450 for the pair or will sell seperate. 1 needs slight attention. 1 is .22 calliber the other is .380. Prefer collection. they are made by uberti.
  4. lancer


    scent has f**k all to worry about,lemon pat is more of a danger to himself than anyone,probably liking the school bus window this morning.
  5. lancer

    pochers pocket lines plz

    collie grey better than a bedlington grey on teeth? hmmm phil haynes yes proper bred collie crosses out of hardy hill collies that where entered CORRECTLY.sorry to say ive never heard of the man it wont matter if its a border collie a fell collie a beardie collie or lassie the collie you wont get a consistant fox dog will you,
  6. lancer

    pochers pocket lines plz

    ill correct yah then like yah said, yes talking about bedlington greyhounds of a 30 year strain, iv watched bull lurchers on things that bite back and collie crosses and neither perform anywere near feirce as beddy crosses iv seen on them, maybe iv seen bad bull crosses and collie crosses maybe iv just seen good beddy crosses but thats life and from what iv seen beddy crosses out do bull crosses and collie crosses on charlie, beddy crosses arent the fastest dogs, theyv not got the best stamina, and there far from brainy also have a shit coat but the beddy cross takes alot of beating when it comes too things that bite back i have seen one or two jack but the majority if baught on correctly will succeed on things that bite back, its mainly beddlington whippets that make the good rabbiting dogs, there sharp and stick too rabbits like glue but not heavy enough for things that bite back i have never seen a bedlington whippet as good as you describe,heartbeat done more for the breed than working ability.
  7. lancer

    cull or keep?????

    having to cull one of your dogs that hasnt turned out to be what you wanted is a bad day,it lets you know you failed,it can be the dogs fault but this should be rare,theres a lot of people into dogs that should be culled rather than there dogs,i would say there are more retards and imature people into lurchers and terriers than any other breed of dog,they listen to the bullshit and fairytales of single dogs catching unbelievable amounts of stuff and rush off to get there bitchs lined or buy pups with no proof of any thing other than hearsay,then you see people with a great lurcher doing everything they want or same with terriers and when they breed of them they breed a load of shite when really all they had to do was get the same again and know exactly what they were getting instead of breeding a litter of shite that will only breed more shite
  8. lancer

    Can it be done

    so over the years breeding to improve the strain and all that what are the dogs bred from blue capable of today,have they improved or gone backwards,all these big bags seem to be years ago ,is the strain still producing dogs capable of 110 rabbits single handed, and 27 hares single handed ,are any cabable of red deer sh .or with improvement are they catching bigger bags,i know this dog caught a lot of stuff but not as much as victor said he was allways bullshiting about that dog,but it helped stud fee and pup prices i supose.
  9. lancer

    Can it be done

    you are talking shit,whippet cross wasnt it
  10. lancer

    Can it be done

    back to hares then ,i killed six in some small fields one night biggest field was 4 acres lamp reached every bit of the fields hares couldnt get out as i was in the gateway each time,if i hadent been in the gateway most would have been away,wouldnt do it now
  11. lancer

    Can it be done

    i would have to see it done before i would believe it,just one of them things iwouldnt be sure on.
  12. lancer

    Can it be done

    and how big were the hinds,dog do it all by itself or not.
  13. lancer

    Can it be done

    never lancer no need to lie dont keep minshaw dogs never have went out 3 times with victor 20 years ago seen that blue do 27 hares yes small fields but middle of winter not leverets all single handed second time out went to penrith watched the same dog do 112 rabbits in one night single handed third time out watched same dog pull several hares 3 foxes and 2 red deer like i said that dog was the best ive seen in 30 years dont think ill see another like it ever again 112 rabbits is not possible with one dog red deer are not possible with one dog and 27 hares is not possible with one dog,the dog world is full of stories of these super dogs, problem is they are all in the past ,it couldnt be done then and it cant be done now,these stories get better as the years go by,
  14. lancer

    Can it be done

    Whats the terrain like in that area mate?...........have you run a lot in that area? (and no I am not being a funny c**t, genuine question) good flat fields round the penrith area,right across to the pennines,hilly there,caught plenty of rabbits around penrith,best bags of rabbits for a lot of people in the eightys would be flusco or the gypsm works,do you genuine believe one dog is capable of 27 hares wilf,iknow this dog was good but it wasnt that good,no dog will.
  15. lancer

    Can it be done

    i know there were good bags caught with that dog,but never has that many hares caught with one dog either summer or winter,and anyone who done abit should know that,while on about minshaws blue did he have to dogs of that name the first one died after getting a cut off barb wire.