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  1. Tikka T3 Lite .223 View Advert Stainless Synthetic Tikka T3 Lite with 1:8 twist in .223 Bought as a standby gun whilst i was having a rebarrel on another on done. I have a bore scope you can check the condition out if you like. it was secondhand when bought but low round count. Very quick sale price of £650 plus any transfer fees to be added. More than welcome to come collect and scope it out. Gloucester Rifle and mag only £650. Advertiser activeviii
  2. He must have two then as I bought it last night.
  3. Oh yes it is. Good guy to deal with. Nice and easy transaction. Cheers buddy.
  4. Oops! Looks like it didn't send at 9am Will try again.
  5. Yes I dear say they did but it guts them from under my bench so if someone can make use then I'm happy to let go cheap. Just waiting for him to collect now.
  6. These are not small spanners, they ate rather large. To give you an idea on size, there is a silver one in the second photo. Its 46mm. I was going to weight them in, but then I thought someone might find a use. £25 collected. That's for all of them. You would pay that for just one normally, if not more. Thanks for looking. All the best, Phil.
  7. Starting to clear room in the hole at bottom of garden. I have all the guards for it. Very little use. Bought when I made the dog kennel and then put in a place I couldn't get to. £50 collected. No offers. Its in a catch box than hooked into the extractor. Will leave in on the box for the buyer. All the best Phil Gloucestershire
  8. this sold last night. all gone and posted
  9. Hello Ian, No never ever removed it. once on i have had no reason to so 'if it ain't broke' never had a bit shift, just the normal 10mm from summer to winter but all scope will do this when using summer and winter. It has been a very very good set up and i was/am very happy with it. just having a change around so dont like having stuff laying around when other would be able to us.
  10. I have decided to sell the Yukon Photon as well now. Having a bit of a change around in the scopes and rifles so this one is going as well. It has been absolutely spot on bit of kit. shooting many many a fox and rabbit with it. they just didn't know I was there. shame its to go but needs must. shooting 4 or 5 rabbits that were next to each other and not moving when the mate fall over. used it on the air gun, 22lr, 222 and the 243 with no problems at all. takes a little setting up but once done it worked spot on. Comes ready to go with the Marky adaptor. Yukon 2x convertor and coast
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