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  1. Sportdog tek 2.0 as new few months old

    Hand held unit plus one collar and chargers . Unlimited lifetime map updates from sportdog, 10 mile range comes with carry case but no instructions ( these are easily downloadable from manufacturers web site . Cost 900 open to offers

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  2. Bitch is on trial later this week , and if she meets requirements will be rehomed . Thanks for the interest from lads who messaged , I answered in order of reply and first one is coming to see her . If it falls through I will message next in line .


  3. Black rough bitch for sale , returned to breeder due to wife problems . Bitch works cover , opens up and loves water . She's under 2yrs and bred from a line of good Russells to a rough black bitch , never been to ground and parents were out and out bushers . Any trial welcome Worcestershire. Don't bother replying if you can't string a sentence together ! She will not be going to an idiot . Bitch is back with original breeder , pm me and I will pass on details .


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  4. There's a dog and bitch in there like yours , they've both got racoon masks . Ive sent some pics to snoop of the individuals so he can take his pick , have a look at the bandit masks on them ! I fully expected a white litter due to buddy being the sire on both sides .

  5. Ive recently lined my sal bul grey x buddy to razor . The bitch is 5 and is a good allrounder that can hack a run and I don't think I could have added anything(to get an all round) by using a greyx over her , razor has proved himself over many seasons and sired some quality stock . I was very lucky to get the lining considering the old dogs health and am hoping to bring on some talented mutts from this x , a few (counting my chickens ) will be going to coursing men so will be tested in that aspect and personally I think the saluki x is an underrated freezer filler not just a one trick pony . Granted they are not the easiest to train but if you can get a bond the rest will follow with patience , perseverance and a touch of luck !



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  6. Can vouch for it ! I can never understand when people go all out for good breeding , fitness and traiming ect then feed some cheap shite kibble . Would they expect an Olympic athlete to do their best after after a diet of KFC and macdonalds?

    I mean you've got to question a 15kg bag of food for a tenner , what can possibly be in it ? After taking out transport , packaging , raw materials costs and profit for maker , wholesaler and retailer !! Wtf do you think is going to be in it ? Very little of anything of value to the dog , that's for sure !

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