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  1. We are losing our small farm (c.450 acres) this year after 30 seasons and many good days, we are a team of 10 guns and around 15 pickers up & beaters with a part time keeper. Really need to find somewhere for the 2013/14 season in Essex or surrounding area...
  2. As someone else has said there is the search facility and if you know what it is you want there's also the Wanted section...
  3. Might be a daft question but are the 'branchers' the ones you can eat? I remember watching something on TV a while back where someone went and shot some young crows then cooked them up and said they were delicious... funny you say that,i got a dvd here called eating crow,its from america, i not had a chance to watch it as of yet, but going to watch it this week, well, a few peoplei know have said they eaten crow, young birds are said to be the best of course,i eat squirrel , pigeon, rabbits, and most hings, never thought about eating crow, anyone else on here know what crow is like? Maybe they were the one's eaten on the TV but like others have said I would want ot make sure they had been eating natural food rather then kebab leftovers and sick...Let us know if you eat any of them and what they're like!
  4. Might be a daft question but are the 'branchers' the ones you can eat? I remember watching something on TV a while back where someone went and shot some young crows then cooked them up and said they were delicious...
  5. Hi, Out shooting syndicate in Essex is in need of one full gun and one half gun for the coming season. We put down 400 birds and shoot six days and a beaters' day (all Saturdays) The bag is normally between 50- birds and the shoot is just outside Braintree in Essex The price for a full gun (all six dates) is £850 and a half gun (three of the six dates usually every other date) is £425. Also guns pay £25 each day for the beaters and then there is an optional meal after the shoot which costs between £10-12. For more info call my dad (he's sorting out money and things this year but is no good with computers!) on 07831860188 Thanks, Ben
  6. bmetson


    Weirdest thing I have seen was when we used a pole to poke squirell dreys. You would expect them to climb out up the tree but when we poked one large drey two squirells jumped OUT of the tree to the floor, was quite a way up too, was so shocked I didn't even get a chance to shoot at them before they ran off...
  7. How much do you want for it? Also do you have payPal and will you post it? Thanks Ben
  8. So true! I also tend to put my PIN number in the alarm quite often...
  9. It might be kale, although might be too early?
  10. Thanks again for the replies, we are going to feed for a few more weeks I think, use up the rest of the grain...Also looks like there might be a few ducks nesting...There always seems to be the same number on the water... Cheers again for the advice!
  11. bmetson

    best car for me?

    I got a Fiesta for my first car cost me £600, insurance is pretty cheap and its had nothing go wrong with it yet that wasn't my fault! Also spares are really cheap and you could prob pick one up for under £500 at the moment...If you get one with 5 doors rather than 3 there's plenty of room for 4 and a reasonable amount of boot space...
  12. bmetson

    Drey Poking

    ok but putting a barrel through the dreys isn't an option as i am using an air rifle A call is probably your best bet then, as a few others have said, good luck!
  13. Signed... They built a load of new houses near me and it's a pain in the arse! While they were building them there were powercuts and the water would stop for hours at a time as well as thre being loads of traffic all through the town... Now they are built there are too many cars on the roads and far too many people about! And they want to build even more....
  14. bmetson

    Drey Poking

    If the poles are going to be expensive then I wouldn't bother with them...We had a day with a set of them about 3 years back, the only time they have been used....By the time you have extended the poles, navigated through the trees (the smallest twig gets the bloody thing stuck ), realised its another empty drey and then collpased the poles again you might as well have put a barrel through it! Also if you're thiking of sneaking up with a set of poles and being quite it's not likely to work as they will p!ss you off so much you'll end up shouting and cursing at them... In short, I wouldn't waste your money mate
  15. I wasn't saying that if people werent members of BASC or CA or if they didn't donate that they were antis...Was simply thinking aloud at ways they could be kept away...My post does also say that these ideas wouldn't work because of the reasons you pointed out... Definitley agree with you about the posts people make though, if people were more thoguthful before they posted then the antis would have no ammunition to use against us and it wouldn't matter that they were here anyway! I agree with your post mate but like you say, it aint that simple. Didnt mean to sound like i was having a go at you. I didn't think you were having a go, just thought you may have misunderstood my post...I don't make much sense most of the time! But it really is a shame that people who disagree with what we do can't just disagree in silence, on their own, away from us. It's just sad that thsi will never happen and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to get rid of them from this site.
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