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  1. teckel

    terrier/ferret finder mk 3

    why would i need two long range locators when i have just stated i have just aquired one! no swap just cash. thanks
  2. 1 locator and 1 collar. hi viz orange and grey back.] comes with instructions and spare batteries excellent working order and would still use it but have just aquired a 40ft long range. resonable offers plus postage would put a pic up but cant seem to figure this dam thing out.
  3. teckel

    Anyone selling a Mk3 locator and collar ?

    i have a mk3 and terrier collar for sale!
  4. dirty filthy scum bags no respect for nobody
  5. teckel

    islamic insanity

    hmmm how intreasting !
  6. teckel

    solid silver lurcher and hare ring

    £50 plus postage. the ring is quiet big about w-x size i think
  7. teckel

    solid silver lurcher and hare ring

    new pics to satisfy the David Bailleys among us
  8. i have for sale one solid silver ring with a lurcher head holding a hare/rabbit in its mouth. it is quiet a big chunky thing . one of only a handfull ever made. PM for further info
  9. teckel

    islam youtube

    well what can i say!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. teckel

    first red stag

    sika hinds in the tweed valley next. then hopefully chinese water and muntjack in bedfordshire.
  11. teckel

    first red stag

    yes deer fence behind us to keep them out of a christmas tree plantaion. wild let me tell you when it was shot i was really wild and pi**ed off lol
  12. teckel

    first red stag

    big solid woodland stag like that needs a hard hitting heavy bullet to finish it. 100gr soft nose right into the engine and never killed it. needed a second to sort. just my feeling a bigger calibre would have been more appropriate for such beast.
  13. teckel

    first red stag

    thanks for all the replys. must admit wish my first beast was as good as that. ps for stags that big a .308 or bigger would be a better tool.