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  1. Wanted a bull x pup. As close as to north east as possible
  2. e bay 250669769362
  3. have a look on e-bay 250667096742 for someone who wants to start of with photography
  4. MJC

    fox head

    item still for sale
  5. MJC

    fox head

    item been relisted on e-bay 250635177477
  6. MJC

    fox head

  7. MJC

    fox head

    pic now added
  8. took these on saturday with my d40 still dont have a clue how to work it but getting there with it hope you enjoy
  9. MJC

    fox head

    e-bay Item number:250635177477
  10. MJC

    bull x pups

    two bitches left my 16 yr old son got one of these pups on friday and he is over the moon realy nice pups and parents are nice big dogs anybody who got one of these pups i would like to hear how they are making out in the near further cheers ( pups 100% )
  11. MJC

    bull x pups

    any pics of pups
  12. MJC

    Falcon FN19

    i will take £150
  13. MJC

    Falcon FN19

    still for sale
  14. MJC

    Falcon FN19

    gun comes with logun lamp, battery charge lead and filters still for sale or swap for patterdale bitch, collection only
  15. MJC

    Falcon FN19

    would swap for patterdale bitch north east area