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  1. Stallion

    Help making my own purse nets

    Go on to their profile.........and down the left hand side you will see "Send Message"
  2. Have got a sirocco also,bit noisy and recoil is a tad heavy but thats the only real downside,I like the gas-ram to be honest.
  3. Stallion

    Best Snowman I Have Ever Seen

    Nice one........that's cool
  4. Stallion

    Hello All

    Welcome to the site........hope you find plenty to interest you.
  5. Stallion

    is this site ADDICTIVE

    On a site that has 12000 or so members you will always get the good, bad and indifferent. The secret is, searching out those that know from those that think they do.
  6. Stallion

    Stock Trained

    All dogs should be broken to stock if you intend working them around animals........it is surprising how many you see that are not though.
  7. Stallion

    A trot out in the white stuff

    Lovely pictures and smart looking dogs.......a credit to you.
  8. Stallion

    mucky pup

    Yes the easy answer is to pick up the dog poo as soon as..........not always practical i know. The pup will grow out of it though........it just thinks it is food as it is bound to contain feeding residues.
  9. Stallion

    Rearing chickens

    Plenty Turkeys in Norfolk
  10. Stallion

    A fistful of ferrets

    It was quite entertaining i suppose if you like seeing rabbits hitting the long nets........but got a bit repetitious after a while. That said it was quite enjoyable to watch the two old characters at work.
  11. Stallion

    Us rossette hunters do it in style!

    Well done to the scruffy bugger........I have one like that........Everytime the female vet sees him she say's hello handsome.
  12. Mixy has just been noted in my area again.....not too bad though (Norfolk)
  13. Stallion

    ferreting nets

    dont your ferrets get piss wet through when it rains in that box never seen one like that before My thoughts exactly
  14. Stallion

    An Hour With The Rimfire

    Best tool for rabbit control by far in my opinion
  15. Making me feel hungry