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  1. If you have lots of partridge around then maybe a female Lanner might be worth concidering. Captive bred Lanners tend to get lure bound VERY quickly, and getting a longwing fit and entered quickly requires experience. If you are serious about hunting a longwing then Peregrines, Sakers and Pairie falcons are generally easier to get hunting with. But you will need a lot of country, ideally a good point/flush dog, the best telemetery going and a lot of time. My first season with a longwing was many years ago, and I did not catch much, but I learnt A lot.
  2. Hi All, After having been away from hawking for close to 25 years. I am finally in a position to get back involved. Things have changed to say the least, and I am now living on the south coast. Which means gulls, at times lots of gulls. My question is would I be better off looking at a female HH/RT than a male. My concern is a novice bird getting mobbed and bolting. Where a larger female might feel less threatened. Needless worry or not Thanks
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