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  1. What’s the best rangefinder for use at night?
  2. Will these do? I bought 5 rabbit snares on eBay that are free running, I don’t know anything about snares but will these catch anything?
  3. What about the bells ringing in the ferrets?
  4. I took it to the gun shop and he tested it and the pressures wrong it has to go back to air arms, no shooting for awhile ?
  5. I went out to see where the pellets were hitting at 10,25,35 and 50 yards because I wanted to go out this afternoon and I had it zeroed into 35 yards fine and at 50 yards it was hitting at 3 mil dots down and .5 to the left and I’ve shot around 1.5k pellets with this air rifle at targets no problem like this, I cocked it but the next shot I took didn’t work (air was above 150 and I never fill above 190) and I assumed that I hadn’t cocked it so I did it again and it didn’t work and at this point I knew that I definitely cocked it twice and it wasn’t shooting so I pulled the bolt back to get th
  6. I cleaned the barrel a few weeks ago and I think the mod is on properly and I can’t see any places where they’ve clipped it and I’m only shooting when the wind stops.I think I’ll try some different pellets and see how they compare
  7. No what ones should I try? But I thought Diablo field were the best ones
  8. I was about to put my ferrets down a set of holes but seem a lot of stuff like bits of bones, big poos and rabbit fur mixed with stuff lying around and these holes don’t look as nice as they did a fortnight ago because there’s less rabbit droppings and the holes don’t look as fresh with a lot of grass around them. There’s the occasional rabbit droppings here but does this mean that there’s mink here now?
  9. I don’t think so because I’m shooting on a bag and holding my breath and everything and only firing when it’s bang on
  10. What should I do to maintain my air arms s410?
  11. Because that’s what people say this gun is meant to have and apparently it’s a good pellet
  12. I have an Air Arms S410 and use Diablo Field pellets and I zeroed in to 50 yards but the groupings aren’t perfect and then I put targets at 35 yards, 25 yards and 10 yards to see where the pellet was landing like at 10 yards at the moment it’s 4 mil dots up and 1 to the right and at 25 yards it’s 5 mil dots up and 1 to the right but it keeps changing.I went out shooting not realising why I was missing everything and went home and realised that it was different, one day it’s 4 mil dots up and 1 to the right and the next day it’s 3 or 5 mil dots up and one to the right it doesn’t make sense beca
  13. There’s so little near me if I shot that many I’d wipe out the whole local population
  14. Thanks for all the advice but When u go there before it goes dark and sit there waiting for them, once it goes dark do u have the lamp constantly on and is it on the red filter?
  15. Will an air rifle still be accurate if it’s windy?
  16. There’s a field right on my doorstep with a couple rabbits and I’ve been there twice in a row without any luck but I don’t want to go again in case they go lamp shy and I might have a go some night between now and next week when the weathers good In another place where there’s rabbits that I haven’t been yet in the dark
  17. I’m having a bipod fitted into my air rifle tomorrow and a Night Master NM1 CL Long Range Hunting Light in red to fit onto my scope and I’ve already got a lamp it’s not one of those £200 ones it was around £70 £80 I think and I’ve tried it out and that seems fine
  18. Should I get the normal white light and then a red or amber bulb or doesn’t it make a difference?
  19. I don’t want to walk to close to them in the dark because I can’t see when they run away and I don’t want walk towards them with a lamp because then they’re looking right at me.Can they see me clearly in the dark? Like how close could I get
  20. How does everyone else go about lamping for rabbits with an air rifle? When I spot a rabbit I don’t want to walk to close in case it spooks or do they pay less attention in the dark because I can’t get near enough for a shot.Does anyone else shoot more than 50 yards?
  21. I’m looking to buy one of those lamps that mount on top of an air rifle scope but I’m not sure what one to get and what mount and everything so any suggestions?
  22. I haven’t yet but I should give her a go on a long lead maybe because she’s bad with sheep. I don’t know if I’d need to ask the farmer but I’ve got permission to go ferreting
  23. Yeah my parents wouldn’t let me get another dog but I’ll get one one day hopefully
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