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  1. I'm really not sure mate he didn't mention anything tbh
  2. cheers for the comments guys looking forward to the training and eventually running her. I'm not so much looking forward to finding permission to run her on lol.
  3. Thanks mate yeah 1st Cross but 2nd generation 1st Cross if that makes sense lol
  4. Yeah mate both very good workers and good at the job. The sire is 9yo dam 7ish so very experienced imo. I'll pm you
  5. A good mooch around brilliant way to relax
  6. Yeah I will do. You will all be fed up of seeing her soon ??
  7. thought I'd share a few pics of my pup. After about 5 years away from the dog game due to a divorce and other seemingly endless s##t I've finally decided I've got enough time spare to have a dog around. So hear she is deerhound greyhound x beddy whippet. Hoping she makes a good all round dog after mainly having coursing type dogs in the past I can say this one is proving a dream to teach.
  8. managed sort it today thankfully cheers
  9. yeah my plan was too try source a jab and do it myself but all the vets I spoke to last week weren't interested and none of the dog lads I knew had any. luckily I managed get the first jab done today
  10. yeah tbh mate that's where I'm at with it now. just trying sort other bits of training while I've got the time. on a side note I managed to get her jabbed today
  11. its more of a confidence thing tbh road noise, push bikes buzzing past etc the last thing anyone wants is a dog that isn't socialised
  12. I hope you are right mate pup could be 20wks old before it leaves the house
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