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  1. Glad to see you jump on the shovel you had no other choice lol
  2. Some stamp Apache hopefully turns out the same showing good signs !!
  3. My old first cross in her younger days near 12 and retired now loved her work !!
  4. I was on the terrier lounge for about 4 weeks before the site was shut down you must of been on it iswell so ? Dident find it much great few decent lads and dogs on it
  5. I just keep my posts down and like pictures and if I see any pictures I don't like I just scroll past and keep my opinion to my self in the future saves alot of lads getting upset
  6. I posted the picture bit close for some lads likeing can see where ye are comeing from about giving ammunition . I've seen different posts alot worse on this site as I said already so I thought it was suitable for the site obviously not up to some lads standards not to bothered either but look I came into this group and seen " earthdogs and working terriers " so I posted two pictures of my working dog and some lads got upset but for all that other stuff your banging on about im not into it but the only thing I can see there that is right was that fb pages and certain groups on FB is what's aft
  7. I've seen worst posted Chesney there not bad pictures in fairness but if some lads want to complain leave em be who am I to stop em my post my business don't like it don't comment on em simple as
  8. She's was only a handy size and It if yah see it as ammunition so is baiting a few ditchs with a cocker coz they would get the same marks look if lads are going to go sour over pictures like that I won't bother posting it's called earthdogs and working terriers so I thought I'd post up pictures I thought were suitable if thats hurting lads feeling over a post I'm not sorry
  9. I got that but what's up with it it's called earthdogs and working terriers I've seen different posts that a worst off what's the big deal about it ?
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