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  1. Do these come with the large side wheel ? And have you added extra ranges on to it ? I will definitely have a good look at these at the shooting show , i have since posting bought a second hand Hawke sidewinder and am very impressed with it after only using standard scopes and will look to upgrade my other scope at some point . Cheers John
  2. Got the same scope as you then mate one came up second hand near me so had a look and was very impressed with it thanks for the reply mate always fancied a pro sport they look amazing . I did have my name down for one a few years ago but then got talked into a hw100kt . Still fancy getting a springer for something different to shoot though
  3. Thanks, I was planning on going to the northern I went to the British last week but just found the choice of scopes to be mind blowing and would definitely be better looking through them at a target
  4. Would a mtc mamba 4-16 be a good choice? Just didn’t want to get a 12 mag or 16 mag and find out it wasn’t enough. I have shot ft in the past but that was back when you just had a tasco 4 x 40
  5. What magnification would you recommend for hft? At the moment I’m using a bsa essential 4 12 44 but only been shooting on home range . Cheers
  6. Hi lads what scope and magnification would you recommend for hft and hunting thanks for any replies John
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