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  1. Well the buddy bottle showed 200 bar fill once he had finally managed to get it going, the filling tank he used was not empty.
  2. Hi all so i went to get my R10 mk1 regulated filled up yesterday, the bloke seemed to be having an issue getting it to fill which has not happened before. Managed to get the meter on the gun to read 200 bar, took it home for shooting the next day and by then it had completely emptied out. So i am assuming that a seal or valve has gone in the gun but could it of been due to them man handling it and overfilling perhaps? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  3. I never thought springers could shoot so well, i think im in for a treat when i get my 95 tuned!
  4. Cheers chaps for the input, still a bit surprised that the rifle requires some tweaking from brand new but i intended on tuning it anyway at a later date.
  5. Hi all, so i've heard alot of good things about a chap called Dave Price or "Wonkey Donkey" and his tuning kits. Does anyone know how to contact him or suggest an alternative, i have a Hw 95K .177 which is very twangy but new, any input appreciated thanks.
  6. Old thread i know but does anyone have Dave price's contact details?