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  1. That's what I thought, I knew someone would catch on to me eventually
  2. We need to be adding bots to the pest control list
  3. Any one else got this person visiting there profile, same person different names, different locations, what they up to?
  4. A lot of people do shoot the Common gull, I've seen farmers shooting them off the back of a tractor when they're plowing, pest control officers are shooting the eggs out of the nests in the towns to cut numbers down, they are pesky aggressive things I've had one snatch my dinner out of my hand I only had one bite as well,
  5. I've just relocated mate, I was living just on the Herefordshire border by the Malvern Hills, beautiful bit of country, but I was in the process of buying my first property and I couldn't touch the house prices so have moved to North Shropshire I've got a detached rural property for the price of a 3 bed semi near Malvern, just got my first bit of permission a good bit as well, over 2000 acres so I'm as happy as Larry
  6. My dogs, all under 12 months coming on lovely, very clever dogs all-around, every one in the family loves them
  7. It's a homemade job by my dad, great having an engineer in the family, the gun is really spot on as good as any of the others kits I have fitted on performance, the idea is to never need to replace it and can handle a power increase if I want it, the Diana 52 is just ticking over at sub 12ft, very impressed, cheers dad
  8. Hi I've just fitted a stainless drop in kit made to fit one of my Diana 52s with a Titan spring, I've run a load of pellets though it playing around today and I've got to say its running just as nice as my other two Diana's with vmack and vortex kit's, is anyone else using them and what do you think of them?
  9. £10 Dunlop's two pairs of socks, I would be scared to get le chameaus muddy let alone ripped on barbed wire
  10. The tbt kit won't fit the Titan spring properly, if the spring guide is too loose it will twang and if it is too tight it will zap the power and make a noise when cocking, I love Titan Springs the quality is brilliant however you have to get top hats and spring guides made up for them, or you can buy them from Chambers, tbt sells genuine weihrauch export springs and the kit will fit like a glove and shoot brilliant, atb meg
  11. The tbt kit's are brilliant for the money as good as any, but what you have to watch it is his kits are made to fit genuine weihrauch Springs, so they won't work right with the Titan spring,
  12. Diana 52, 22. Excalibur, 22 Hw 80, 22. Hw 100, 177 Hw 95, 177. Rapid, 22
  13. Cheers lads, I've used a few dropping kits in the past, but the last one I did I used a Titan spring fortunately my dad is an engineer and he made me my last spring guide and top hat spring guide out of stainless and top hat out of Bronze, I found it much better quality than the dropping and the gun shoots sweet, i didn't want to pester him again to make me some more but as it's Christmas I'm going to pester him, what it is is the listed Titan spring for a hw95 is the number eight, but with the internal diameter of the spring and the hole for the piston rod would make the wall of a spring guide too thin, anyway I have been advised that the number five Titan spring is the one to use for the 95, Titan Springs chart sizes for air guns are all over the place, the number five spring is better suited to the 95 then the number eight spring as Titan suggest,
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