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  1. It doesn't quite rule yet for me peter!Fair enough that's all the proof anybody could ask for ... welcome to the site hope you find what your looking for here ... by the way what's the neck and chest tattoo ...... Wolf & flowers on my chest. I'm rather addicted.
  2. Meeting a member for a 'walk to see if I am actually a woman or not as opposed to meeting up with like-minded people to talk about like-minded things rings a bit different in my book sweetie
  3. Hmm. Meet up with a man from online they said!! It will be fun they said! I'll leave it down to whoever is curious to trust I am genuine or not. If you think I'm a 6 foot man beast it's your parogitive. I'm a blonde 5'4 30 year old woman who shares common interests with the members of this site. I'm not on a wind up and only time will tell I suppose. Sorry to disappoint.
  4. Getting boring now dear. I'm sure no one is that sad and has such a boring life and time on their hands to do that. And also what would anyone get out of it exactly. But think what you will.
  5. I see. Well I don't plan on doing anything to suggest anyone to knock one out! unless seeing pics of my first experience beating does it for you. In that case feel free.
  6. "It" appreciates your opinion Navek. And thanks for the compliment. I personally think you have trust issues
  7. Of corse. I'm sure I'll get used to it and how it works and hopfully then will be 'accepted and equally apart of it all. Thanks a bunch.
  8. Ah brill. That's good news as I'm not the fittest I could be. Ok. I'll have a good look on that nobs to start with anyway and go from there. thanks a lot for that. And ok tar.. I'm finding it rather odd that the replies have mainly been calling me out as fake etc but it is what it is. It will soon get boring I'm afraid to people who don't think I'm genuine. I don't know how it would be a joke for someone to pretend to be me but I suppose I'm not in the click to understand it. Sorry to disappoint. I assume most of the people that would do that are very much doing a lot of beating of there
  9. Why on the off chance.. I don't know what I've got to do to prove I'm just normal and genuinely wanting some advice. Thanks for that, I've just Had a little look and found nobs.org site. Seems good, although by the sounds of it I need to work on my fitness. I'll have a browse around to see if my area is covered. Much appreciated Born Hunter thank youX
  10. Previous posts in my first Induction. . I don't want to come across big headed..I'm really not. I just want to get some decent convo going without being called a BAW!?
  11. Hi all. Looking for some advice and to make some like minded pals as I'm a total newbie in the hunting world. I fish and I've been rabbit shooting but that's it. I recently turned 30 and want to Start doing the things that interest me. I live in the east of England. I'll leave it there for now and hope to hear from you soon.
  12. I haven't got another name. So I'm being accused of being like a fake acount or two people. How very sad.
  13. Correct. The day after. My birthday. My 30th. Which I went away for as stated previously also. And please enlighten me with the definition of "BAW" I'm assuming it is online abriviation for blonde awesome woman. Correct!?
  14. Correction "Walshie" I have been back thank you very much even tho I love been called a "baw". I'm all for shuts and giggles but apparently a female can't join a group mainly male orientated without getting hints I'm not genuine. Shame.
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