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  1. Maybe it's my age maybe it's the rum but I'm confused.
  2. She was a little more comfortable than dot but her mouth tasted of minge.
  3. I had to go out so ended up listening in on the wireless. Gutted. On a plus note though we sound like we're playing better than last season.if we can keep hold of Mahrez i reckon we'll finish pretty high.
  4. Anybody got any tips for fishing wrasse.i am catching but only small to medium. Other than using hard backed crab any of you got any tips for getting through the smaller ones and catching the bigger ones?
  5. This is going off on a strange tangent. Should have stuck to my first choice of gail Platt.
  6. Me and dot are going to elope to Gretna green and get married, followed by a spin off show similar to kat and Alfie. Yeah mon
  7. I reckon I'm gonna sit down and have me some rum.
  8. It's not on. Theyre getting around the piano for a good ol fashioned knees up.
  9. Can anyone post a link where I could stream tonights game?
  10. Hello. I'm Patrick and I'm into lurchers day and night but mostly night. If I'm not out with the dogs I'm out sea fishing.thats about everything.
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