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  1. So, My AR arrives (24hour turn round for £9.99 and no fee from the RFD at my end - result !!!) Un-boxing (it doesn't include any tools or cleaning kit), but it has a nice heft and no rattles. Cut a few feet of line of the garden strimmer and pinch some J-cloths from the kitchen when the missus isn't looking and voila. Ahhh gun oil and newly machined steel it's up there with: The smell of a good Cuban cigar; The taste of a single malt; The sound of a diesel at full chat. Nurse I'm ready for my medication now... Anyhow I have about 6000 pellets from various suppliers H&N, Bisley, BSA, etc with a good mix of some 2 dozen pellet types of varying profiles and weights. I have converted a 12"x8"x3" mahogany box to hold the pellets, cleaning gear, targets and notebook. I use 35mm film camera pots (they hold about 250 pellets - get them now the world is going digital) labelled up with the pellet data. I know Plano make some useful storage but I'm old school, give me mahogany and brass every time. I'm 67 and retired, So plenty of tea and biscuits and that's me sorted to sit down plinking away at 10yds to see what pellets will be my fav. No harm to anyone or the world. I wonder if there will be an indoor range when they finally drag me off to a home !!!! Kind Regards Billy Fish
  2. Dai, Point taken. I lived in Pembrokeshire for 11 years, great place for a shoot. Billy Fish
  3. Hi, As a newbie I have just ordered a Baikal IZH-61 1.77 multi shot for "plinking" to get my eye in. I was also after the 46M target pistol, but they are out of stock. The nice people at the Sportsman Gun Centre in Exeter tell me that they have a pallet of guns in Russia awaiting shipping, but there is an embargo to the West on imports. Baiakal or to be more precise Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod is a Russian state military arms manufacturer of long standing and have the the Moison Nagant, AK47 and AKM in their pedigree. So I am expecting a good solid piece of kit. Kind regards Billy Fish
  4. David, A blast from the past. This was my third AR given to me in 1966, for a teenager it had quite a kick !! Billy Fish
  5. Hi, Just joined. I gave up my shotgun Licence some years ago when the world was getting fraught (although It's getting worse) !! I am thinking of taking up an air rifle as a way of getting back into shooting. Billly Fish
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