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    Ok I will bite . You will have to help me out here but Moses parted the red sea apparently . Science can pretty much guarantee that a human being brandishing a staff at the ocean won't make it open up to let people walk through . Can science prove Moses and his followers didn't cross the red sea ? Maybe he could swim and so could his followers (or they learned pretty quick lol) and the Egyptians couldn't Maybe he did exist and maybe he did cross the red sea but the bible says he parted the waves.
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    New Shotgun Shooter

    After some advice please. I have just applied for my first shotgun certificate and am thinking of a first gun. I dont have loads of money (unfortunately) so my first gun will be my only gun for a while. I have permission to shoot over a friends land and I am thinking a pump action is the most versatile gun for this, but also want to practice on clays at a local club. Will I be a) allowed to use a pump action on clays laughed at if I do? Is my presumption right that a pump is the most versatile? Any advice welcome