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  1. Will give them a ring tomorrow, cheers Will keep the rat trap in mind for the future
  2. Didn't close the ferret court properly this morning, got home to both jills missing, found one not far away but the other is still missing Albino jill on the small side, very tame never bitten, small reward for return Thanks
  3. My springer pup I got in November is the same way but getting alot more comfortable with people lately, my lurcher was the same way when I first got her as a pup and she's 100% now so I think it's just a pup thing depending on their personality. Just need to get them out and about and desensitise them to seeing people. Would recommend walking her through town centres a few times a week and she'll get used to seeing people and people making a fuss of her and realise there's nothing to be nervy about. Best of luck with her
  4. Get her used to carrying things, play tug and then drop the rope and let her hold it for a bit and follow you trying to play more, then keep doing it and practice the "leave it" command and give her lots of praise if she drops it at your feet so she sees giving stuff to you as fun.if she's retrieving toys and dummies then try chucking a fairly fresh (dead ) bunnyif you can get your hands on one, she might not bring back the ones she's found beccause the smell's getting her too excited and you just have to desensitize it and make it a normal smell for her because she''s seeing them as too high
  5. Hey all, thought I'd join here to meet some likeminded people. I'm an 18 year old girl from the north east, got into lurchers mainly from my dad at a young age. Mostly into lurchers, I have a 5 year old greybullwhippet, and a 10 month old salukicolliegrey that I have high hopes for. Interested in ferreting, but I don't have any of my own for now. Anyway just wanted to say hi, happy hunting everyone!
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