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  1. Just wondered if many were going to this? Dosn't look too bad on the video
  2. That does sound about right, that she values the rabbit much higher, I have just read skycats retrieve training and thought that also had some good ideas, with the whole tug playing to make it more fun. I'll have to try the eating techinique! Thankyou, and it's a pain in the arse isn't it, I was trying to not get frustrated but when she just refused to come back I couldn't help it. Think I'll just start to go over things slowly working the way up, and try some dead game retrieves. Mines the same with other dogs though she won't concentrate on commands so I just walk her on my own
  3. I did also take her to a pond the other week, it's shallow and slowly gets deeper to introduce her, she retrieved it but I wasn't aloud that one either, took a while to get it back she just ran circles round me. Maybe just a little too excited and a little headstrong ?
  4. Also thanks rosered I have been dragging her toys on the floor abit which gets her excited then throwing it for her. She doses bring it back, but sometimes drops too early so I've been trying to slowly move back so I can take it from her. And haha yeah I asked someone to get me some rabbits so I can try do some work with that. I didn't really think of it like that me spoiling her fun with my scent ?? Explains it.
  5. Cheers man I'll have a look for it and have a read through! Any recommendations for books I was reading skycats conditioning and thinking of getting the running dog maintenance book. Thankyou for getting back to me
  6. Cheers for the reply lads! I've just started practising again simple close retrieves down our yard so she can't run round me and giving her a treat. I've had her just over a month now, think she may of just got a little possessive of the rabbit she found. I'll keep working on it hopefully she turns out okay ??
  7. Just looking for some advice, I've recently got my first lurcher, she's around 7 months, she's a rescue and I'm guessing a saluki/whippet. I've been practising retrieveing with tennis balls and dummy's. Though I have not given her any game. On two occasions she has found mankey rabbits, which she will not bring back she just runs off with them, and lays down, if I approach her she runs away. I didn't want her to think it's a chase game so I walked away, eventually she followed without the rabbit. Any advice or similar experience. I'm new to all this haha. Many thanks
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