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  1. Thanks guys. So where you all from and what and how do you hunt.
  2. adamj328

    Hawk Flying

    Hi guys as anyone local to herts, beds or bucks. I need some help with permissions, I used to fly on some land which I can't used anymore due to the land now being used for crops. If anyone could help me with use land I could use I would be so grateful. Also willing to help people if needed training flying making equipment. Even help doing repairs to fences and stuff like that. Thanks for reading
  3. Hi guys anyone here from hert, Beds or bucks need some help getting some new Land to use.
  4. Thanks the one. What do you do hunting and stuff bud?
  5. Hi everyone my name is adam i live in hertfordshire and just wanted to tell everyone a little myself. My trade profession is a pest controller and falconer. I also outside work try to fly and hunt my hawks, been flying harris hawks for 2 seasons (my own) but I volunteered at a falconry centre for 6 years before I decided I could give the time needed to have one. Also keen shooter and in the process of trying to sort my fac. Only done clay shoots and targets so far tho never been lucky enough to get to do game or quarry. Thanks for reading
  6. Hello there the one. Thanks pleased to meet you
  7. Hi guys I'm a professional pest controller by trade. But I'm looking for land to fly and hunt my harris hawk. Sadly I lost the permission I had as they are now using it as crops. I'm a professional person who will fully adhere to rules given. I'll also report any damages found and even help to fix the problem if I can. Thanks for taking the to read this
  8. I have 2 harris hawks and I fly them pretty much everyday for a min of 2 hours a day.
  9. Hi there I'm looking for land to use for flying and hunting my harris hawks. I am a pest controller by trade so am used to flying to lots of rules and in a professional manner. I promise that any rules given too me will be followed I'll also help by looking out for any live stock problems or any damages found to fences gates etc. I would like to take this chance to say thank you and hopefully hear for you soon..
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