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  1. Love the saluki bull grey cross was just wondering as never seen any where the mothers been the saluki x and sire bull x, but think they would throw the same/simular as the usual.
  2. Doesn't sound healthy to me, just thought id mention it
  3. Has anyone got this type where the sires been a half cross bull grey and dam a 1st cross saluki grey. Seen some advertised and as mine getting on looking at a pup of this breeding. Seen plenty were the sires been a saluki x and dam a bull x. Any pics
  4. Yeah his dogs ears are pricked and he was on about snapping them to make them sit right, just I've never heard of this method being used
  5. My mate was on about "snapping a dogs ear to make it sit right" I've never heard of this, has anyone else heard of tho just curious
  6. Hi lads don't know if I post on forum to ask this or not, I'm looking for a 2nd gen half x wheaten grey preferably a pup if anyone can point me in tge right direction
  7. After a conversation today with a few friends about stock breaking lurchers, there's a few ways people do it, what are peoples ways of stock training there pups or older lurchers, I let them them of at a young age around 3-4 month old and walk about in field with pup off lead keep calling him when he eyes them up
  8. Thanks for replies guys its what I doing at min is around quarter mile to fields then let her of for rest of time she s stock trained gets through or over most obstacles this is around a mile and half she gets plenty of mental stimulation and is a well mannered pup so I know know now it s not over doing her thanks
  9. I was wondering how much exercise people give there pups arounds 6 months of age, I walk mine 2 mile a day and let her burn of a bit of energy in field but I'm getting told this is a bit much, she isn't knackered after this she's plenty left in her just want honest opinions as I don't want to ruin her, she's a saluki bull hound x collie hound
  10. Was wondering if anyone runs this type of lurcher and pics please
  11. Had this problem, my advise call them in 3 times if they don't listen walk of and leave it they soon come looking for u don't give it a rollocking or slap Tha will make them not want to come back lots of praise is the key. Hope this helps
  12. Hi was wondering I anyone could work out percentage of breed in my pup as I'm no good with maths I know breeding can throw here and there would just like to know dam is a first cross collie grey sire is 3/4 greyhound 1/4 Wheaton thanks
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