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is it alright for your dog to eat rabbit bones

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random question but i have just started adding hole rabbits to the dogs diet, at first it wasnt intentional as they helped them selves from the shed and even the dog that used to turn her nose up at any raw meat eats them now and they all love them


was just wondering are the bones like chicken bones where they can do damage to your dog internally as to me they seem quite brital! or are they okay?



Dont' worry about feeding whole rabbits to your dog. What do you think they would eat if they were wild ???? Foxes don't have any problems and there internal tract is no more robust than your dog's.


We have fed raw rabbit and chicken carcass to all our dogs for several years with no problems.

If you have any doubts have a chat with people from here : http://www.ukrmb.co.uk/



dont care what anyone says

dont feed chicken bones to dogs

i no someone whos dog died in front of him from eating a chicken bone


its up to you but thats what happens

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Raw [chicken and rabbit] bones are no riskier than feeding kibble and a whole lot healthier.

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I feed raw chicken, rabbit, turkey and tripe to all my dogs.


Bones and all, the best way to feed and gives healthy fit dogs ready for anything.

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I have fed raw rabbits ,chicken wings ect to my dogs for years.

Never had any trouble.

If I feed the dogs biscuits through the Summer months that's when they get the squirts.

I know its a change of diet suddenly,but much prefer the raw diet.

I make sure that any rabbit,that I get I will gut in the hedgerow for fox,

I make sure that the intestines are removed and most important the s***bag.

I had a bitch once who had a litter of 5 pups on the go.

after finishing her quarter of rabbitt an hour later she entered the whelping box and threw up the rabbit she had eaten for the pups,that's nature and motherly instincts for you.

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