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  1. both were taken out of season a few months back by injection haha I know its a bit daft now you have explained what it was but its the only time she had ever donw it was the other day and hasnt done it since. I mean our little terrier brings all his toys and the lot to anyone that visits so thought it might have been a similar sort of thing as the ferrets arnt used to visitors yep both jills haha they are randy little buggers, used to breed em when I was about 14
  2. thank you, she seems to be quite gentle with her....the strangest thing is shes about 1/4 smaller and is dragging the other about. Shakie is usually quite stroppy with her but seemed to enjoy it, we put it down to her being a dominatricks (if thats spelt right) haha
  3. well as you may know I have only had my girls for about 3-4 months now with not having much experience in the past. They do make me laugh, "ouch" as I named her every morning takes food from my hand and reverses back in to the sleeping compartment, "shakie" on the other hand is the laziest ferret i have ever seen when you pick her up she yawns and ywans in utter disgust with you disturbing her. Anyhoo the purpous of this thread is to ask about some behaviour I whitnessed yesterday when I had some friends round, as per usual "ouch" was out wanting to see what was going on with "shakie" later following once she had woken herself up but every time Shakie came out Ouch would get her by the ear and drag her back in to the bedroom compartment which didnt seem to bother Shakie in the slightest....was she showing off because we had friends out or what? Its the strangest thing I have ever whitnessed
  4. please bare in mind that 2-3lbs a week is the recomended amount of weight to loose in a week. If you loose to much to quick (not to mention the health implications) your motabalisim slows right down which means that once you stop your crash diet and go back on to a normal 2000 calrorie per day diet the slightest indulegence goes straight to your ass
  5. used to buy them ever so often, won £20 £14 £100 and many £1's and 5ers
  6. OUCH, i jumped and crossed me legs and I am a women god knows what you lads think when you watch it
  7. all I can say is awwww, cant wait to hear stories of how he gets on with his pup
  8. now then are you sure you wont be brushing your dogs and whipping them with baby wipes to make sure they are extra shinny before you take em in the show (as people were doing on monday)
  9. And looks are all that matter right? Its working pedigree is all that matters, the length of a terriers tail really doesnt make any difference. This season just gone I had a 5+ hour dig to a friends border/lakey dog that has a full tail and its tail knew no different, this dog works thick cover better than any terrier I have seen and still its tail is just fine. You may have tail damage issues but its far more common in spaniels than terriers. We all have the image of the 'perfect' terrier in our heads but its a dogs working ancestory that matters not what it looks like. your saying that to me mate i got the uglyest fukin terrier youl see in my kennel but by f**k she works dug to her at 9 months and her drive is unbelievable, i dont give a f**k what they look like but if i turned up for a dig with a jrt with a long tail the lads would have a f*****g field day im just not a jrt man, the only good ones about are the ones with laky and bull in them
  10. hehe I most certianly have and that compliment from the only huntsman i truley respect is all I need the arm chair hunters on the other hand...i couldnt give a toss
  11. or was it monkeys blood (the stuff you put on the top of your 99)...i foget but hey my dog is usless, what do I know, because she dont retrieve and isnt marked up to hell
  12. not a bad price really considering (in my vet) consultation is usually £24 and jill jab was somthing like £9.60. I would hold back on putting her back in with her sister for a week or so so you can monitor her eating and drinking....unless she is pineing for her sister as my two don't really like being seperated
  13. no no that wasnt at the show it was out on a day mooching or did it run into somthing haha no its tomato sauce
  14. no no that wasnt at the show it was out on a day mooching
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