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On 16/11/2017 at 18:50, foxdropper said:

You have taken my post way out of context mate .The bitch was just off her food for a while so i took her down to the vets who ,after a few tests said she had lepto spirosis which is treatable .I wasn' convinced as she's ratted all her life with not problems .As vets do ,they filled her with antibiotics but she went down hill fast .I took her back and it was myself who said enough is enough and had her pts there and then when the vet suggested another course of pills .It was my own diagnoses that she had cancer which the vet finally agreed with .Any clearer Shaun .

As an observation mate ,if you'e got nothing worth breeding off from the years you'e been at it what the f**k you been playing at . - - - Trusting the wrong sort of folks and being stitched up.... Jealousy from others.... Something that most lads have experienced in the terrier game... Didn't you fall out with your pals a season or two ago Timothy? You think you know folk only for them to show their true colours? Only ever been interested in working my dogs, not to become the name in every man's mouth,or  bothered who's digging where and with who. There's plenty to go around for everyone 😂. Out in the morning down your way, should be a good day in good company 👍 

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Falling out with folk is life ,having nothing to show for years of messing about is another thing entirely.You crack on mate ,what you get up to is no concern of mine .I admire your thriving for the best but im at a loss why you havnt yet found something to make your own..Many men waste their whole lives flitting from this and that never really knowing what they've had and neglected .

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