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New Dog Aggression?

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At the very root of a good relationship is a feeling of flow ,

Human/human human /dog , we feel more relaxed about certain people because we feel we don't need to restrict ourself , emotional flow is basis of a bond , old army buddies , sparing partners , friends from years ago , we are able to express ourselves fully because we have reached an emotional level and understanding ,


The mutt is the same, if we charge out of the blocks at the start to teach manners to a pup we are corrupting a flow state ,

Manage him so you don't have to discipline him and when he starts feeling flow through work your the one who gets the credit for him feeling good


Maybe he's not a working dog , which if it is the case , take "Mushy " up on his training methods

What I mean is , pet dogs can fail to feel fulfilled in everyday life which in turn can lead to them been drawn into conflict as a way of letting off steam , look best of luck and trust a gut feeling


Water boarding can be successful too , if done right

Cracking post Casso....


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thanks for all your help this far. I was just wondering if you would mind expanding slightly on what you mentioned on the post earlier. All advice and insight is welcomed. Thanks, Luke

I'm sure a lot of that is hard to digest but to cut it short


Behaviour is hard wired in the dog f we can control what a dog calls prey we control the dog , prey control predator not the other way round,


if a rabbit goes one way and I go another which path is more inviting for a predators mindset. Prey instinct is hard wired, fulfilling his prey making instinct also promotes social behaviour ,


a wolf pack can only exist because of the hunt, it's the huge emotional high of the hunt that's keeps a pack together during times of static

, same in dogs They can all find a temperamental crevice in a pack if they can fell flow being part of it , that's the essence of a social dog , it's the expression of flow that provides the feeling of flow in the immediate moment for thats the only way it can understand it's environment ,

when a dog is stimulated it has to act, there is no thinking involved, an instinct by its very definition can't be a thought,


If ya can message do so , if not be specific on here

Talk to ya


Jesus I'm after reading back over that 😀 You'll definitely have Qs after that shambles

Edited by Casso

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