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Replace Pasta

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I love pork :laugh:


Roast hams,gammon & bacon chops food of the gods :victory:


My dogs dont get a lot of pork to be honest.. Butchers scraps ,sausage,skin,trotters and leg bones.. Thats as and when not regular..


Sounds like your dog has a good enough diet mate...


Pups I feed them as much as they will eat..

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Gem, i just had a look at that barf fb page, although i didn't have a look at it all, i have never seen as many uneducated comments about barf diet, very misleading and alot of typical pet owner comments that think they know it all.

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im on a fb raw food page atm.... they are of the thinking that rice/pasta and vegetables and fish shouldnt be fed

just 10% bone 5% organ and the rest meat... not sure what to make of it tbh,


im feeding my own pup on a mixture of chicken wing, beef mince, raw veg, tomato and tinned sardines and supplements, brown rice and a couple days a week i also feed lamb shank or beef bone and eggs and a small quantity of lamb liver


i also wont feed pork as think its a very unhealthy meat


does anyone have any thoughts on any of this?

fed pasta/minced meat and animal bones/carcass for years, one bitch is 15 this year the old dog is twelve and their offspring is seven this year, write and post what they like. i believe what's real and at my feet as i type this :thumbs:


thats my thoughts as well... and my pup is doing well on this diet.. he failed to thrive when fed complete biscuit as part of his diet and already there is weight gain and improvement in his coat since feeding raw and brown rice


just up the protein(meat) when his work load is high and replace with pasta when the work load is less, works for me along with tinned tomatoes and the odd sprinkle of sf50 now and again,




where do you get the sf50?

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