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New GPS telemetry

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seems with all these fandango new gadgets that first come out there is generaly always room for improvement.


I tend to stay clear of all of them until there's at least a MKII which normaly rectifies and updates any problems found with the MKI, If after a few in depth field tests the original unit is still holding its own without any improvments and performing well then I'm all ears :thumbs:.


there been alot fo questions asked so far without many answers, this would tend to worry me slightly if I was interested making a purchase.....

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Can't comment on way Darryl speaks to others but only way he talks to me and thats polite and proffesional, just like all new things as Jasper65 says things will improve and like I said the chips are available to make this so small but F****** expensive at mo (thousands), time will bring price down, but the unit in its infantsy is more or less flawless (apart from size), it works and gives you bird location and thats what we want at end of day to find bird asap.




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from what i can gather it dont give you a signal if the bird is on the wing and if thats a faclon it could be a long way away before u know

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