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Cropsafe Crew (digging our way to the record books)

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An early start was on the cards for the latest session which was planned for the fen. We got there just after first light but Stevo was a little heavy headed from the night before :drink: , Ahh kids.

The starting point was a dyke with hardly any cover, nice for a change, but from previous experience we knew it was deep last year we had a 9 foot dig. The good point was it is sandy peat and quite easy to dig, well to an extent anyhow. We managed a quick 5 with one that rolled the net but the lurcher nailed that easily enough. After that it all went tits up, we had a dig on every set and most were 4-6 foot deep, but not that simple. With the banking being deep the rabbits had bred early and there were quite a few young, we had 56 the other day without seeing a young un all day.

As we dug 6 foot the ferret would drag the rabbit a few more yards and we had to re dig and more than once. We had about a couple of hours and were beat up so stopped for a brew and sarni just to get a break. We are far from shy when it comes to digging but every one over 4 foot was a mare. After the break we decided to try the hedge hoping these would be shallower but again there were too many young so we decided to leave it alone for this season, pointless if there are that many sprogs about.

We then came back to my house where across the road is a steady hedgerow with loads still on there, this was a treat because most digs are less than a spade deep. We stated off really well but even though we were getting a few the morning had put a dampener on things, Ray was getting fed up and Stevo needed another head because his was still in a carling can from the night before :bad: .

The last couple of sets just after dinner, we just threw in the ferret and bolted to the gun, steady 4 and a couple of hares that got in the way :whistling: . Not the best day we have ever had in fact probably the hardest, but that's what its all about take the rough with the smooth.

Next trip will probably be on Sunday when we will have a bash on the gravel quarry, this is heaving but lets hope things go to plan a bit better.


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good on you for making the best of a hard day. and getting a good haul. .


next time you want a hand on that Dyke. Let us know.

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like the pic,you only need 1 of them.had the same craick on sunday fur balls every where,gave up at dinner time.

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