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maximum distance

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@ Lea Valley - We have a Plinking Range with Reset Targets out to 60 Metres


A .177 can reset Targets at these Distances


A .22 can not as fall rate @ distance and angle will not reset Targets


Yes I do Shoot most Calibres - Mostly .177 for Range - As All Shot Sub 12FP




This is because target is a flat plate yes ? I have shot my 100 at over 100 yards into a wooden target and it hits with good impact surprisingly so (its .22) also a very good grouping , my lads .177 at same distance (s400) seems not to hit as hard at this range at same target we both use falcon pellets , lubed.

Is this not something to do with the zerod distance on the .22 ? I can only comment on my own findings.


Also both guns are close on 11.5 power wise my .22 slightly more so than the .177.

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it was more of a question if the ultra was up to it,having heard of a lot of under powered ones ,and not who was shooting it.it seems if you ask a question somebody takes over and the subject originally asked goes by the way side, but never the less entertaining.


You`ll probably find that all the posts relate to the original querie bud.

It doese make for entertaining reading though.

And a lot of the blokes on here are definately experts. without a doubt,,,, proper experts! :thumbs:



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hi lads just wondering if any one knows the max distance a bsa ultra in .177 or .22 is effective . i wont be shooting past 35 or 40 yds at max,just want to know if they are up to hunting at that distance cheers.

As long as YOU play your part in the accuracy mix and can consistently hit your target vermin through the head at your stated 40-yards max range, your BSA Ultra will put far more accuracy and powerful, humane killing punch at that range to do the job, than you may realise.


I can assure you, this or any top quality 12ft/lb rifle like this, with a reliable scope, could easily and humanely kill a rabbit or squirrel clean with a shot to the brain at a good deal more than your maximum effective range, without effort. So, you can rest aside any concerns you may have about adequate humane stopping power at 35-40 yards.


The airgun press will always tell you as a maxim that, 25 to 35 yards is the ball-park range you should aspire to shoot and/or hunt live vermin at, because they see it as their responsible duty of care to promote safe, humane and responsible attitudes to the sport. :yes:


And rightly so.


Given that a large chunk of their readerships are made up of young lads with very varying levels of 'skill' and uncertain levels of proper coaching, to say nothing of :crazy: :lazy: personal, self-discipline, attention spans :lazy: :boredom: and intelligence levels that run from :censored: none-at-all to reasonably adroit :hmm::angel: ; the editors have long known that a high number of their untrained readers coming to the sport for the first time alone, will struggle badly to shoot even a 2-inch group even to these ranges -forget 40 yards and over.


Thus, in the interests of keeping vandalism, accidents from missed, stray shots and the likely suffering of fatally wounded animals to the absolute possible minimum, and themselves from being sued, they have prescribed the magical, estimated reasonable pillock-proof, idiot-safe range of 35 yards as a maxim for so long, it has become the mantra, the benchmark range of air rifle shooting! :toast:


Ergo; the true and correct answer to your question is;

The maximum effective range of your BSA Ultra, is determined and limited soley and only by the capability level of the human being shooting with it....You!



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