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10oz nylon nets

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Guest gypo joe
Gyp J' : 10z Sheet netting nets ?

Yep like 99.99% of 10z nets, makes great nets :yes:

with nice bright yellow cords and dont cost much either ;)

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I keep my nets in the wardrobe, wouldn't want anyone nicking them from the shed :D


its just a bit of a walk in the morning to get my clothes from the shed :laugh:


nice shed by the way chalkie


I use 10z nets and swear by them, i have been using them now for a few years, i bought mine from K,P&S nets, when i got mine not many others were using them, i value them above any other type of net, i prefer nylon as i dont always have time to dry the nets out, i cant afford spun nylon nets, and cant bear 4z shite nets, they are the best compromise in my opinion,


there are pics of them in use on my website



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I paid about £14 for 10 x 10z nets, the cheapest spun nylons the same length were £2.30 each

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Guest borderboys

recievec my 10 x 10z nets from gypo jo today,top notch cant wait to get em in use ;)

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BB -- How much for 10 x 10 oz nets from joe , i have one sample and they are v.well made , thinking of getting 10 .



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