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Removing Tiddlers

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England regs apply to Wales; Scotland 223 is legal on roe.


Isn't the .22 CF legal for muntjac and cwd in England and Wales ?



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Scottish stalking with a .22 centerfire :thumbs:

It appears that some here are better suited at being politicians than stalkers the way they avoid answering awkward requests :laugh:



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i really think that if the bullet is nearly on the weight range of stabalization within the calibre, then it should be tested to all ranges its going to be used at, just because a bullet shoots well at 100 doesn't mean to say it will be good at extended ranges....


A bullet which is keyholing at 200 is in fact yawing in flight, maybe not noticable at 100 but it is not stable.



great thread this...












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I think it's very easy to give an opinion to an experienced shot and offend them. I haven't shot many Deer and sometimes find myself in this situation when I'm giving my view to people who shoot several Deer every week. I've come unstuck in the past when talking about things my friends have told me. I don't rate the .243 myself, not because I have experience of it not working for me, but because good honest blokes have told me it's not worked for them. Not forum people, but local stalkers who I know and trust. So when someone asks me how many Stags I've shot this season I can give the same answer, none. How many Stags have my friends shot? I don't know, but probably hundreds between them!


The only first hand things I can say is that Red Stags can run on a long way when shot perfectly in the heart with a 6.5x55. Roe Deer seem to fall down when hit by the same. Last of all I landed a perfect heart shot on a Canadian Whitetail Buck with my .375H&H Magnum and it ran at least 50 yards. That was with a 270 grain soft point which expanded well. I hate to think how much trauma that thing soaked up to run on, the blood trail looked like someone had put dynamite in a pot of red paint and set it off! We can get runners with everything.



Where do you go stalking NJC?I live in gloucestershire too I think there is some at Lydney Park Estate but I don't know of anywhere else :0

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