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Kiwi ? A Word, Please?

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#1 Guest_Ditch_Shitter_*

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Posted 27 July 2006 - 02:14 pm

I've just bummbled into this board out of plain curiosity. Glanced at a thread or two. But This shot nearly stopped me breathing! ( http://www.thehuntin...?showtopic=2605 ) The pig by the electric fence?

If I may explain: I'm in a cottage in Very rural Ireland. The window beside me looks out across my front yard to a hedge. That hedge has a hole in it. Blocking the hole is a sheet of iron I know to be three foot high. Ok? I'd guess the hedge if 10 - 15 feet from me now.

Now then: One morning I looked out the window and was looking straight out, over the top of that sheet of iron. I was on the phone or something and fully awake and alert. It was a clear and sunny day. With me so far?

Something went bowling past that iron. It was moving at a reasonably fast walk - not bolting, not stalking - and all I saw was about the top four inches or so of its back. It seemed to be, as it passed by, something around three foot or so long. Could have had more length, but that would have been hidden by the sheet of iron, see?

What ever the f*** it was, it was a sort of purplish colour. Colour I've really only seen on the odd, 'persian' type cat. But, if this was any sort of cat? I don't want me or the dogs meeting that sukka! But its fur has always troubled me as much as it's colour. I just can't match that type of fur to anything I know to be natural to Britain or Ireland. It had Very Much the same sort of fur as that pig!

We are known to have (escaped) Boar in this area.

You don't suppose, do you ....? :icon_eek:

#2 ChrisJones


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Posted 27 July 2006 - 04:58 pm

Clever pig to catch a plane from New Zealand, DS! :D

#3 Shanedog


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Posted 27 July 2006 - 06:30 pm

It was the purple people eater, your in deep shit now. :cry:

#4 blando


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Posted 28 July 2006 - 01:42 pm

[quote name='Shanedog' post='104681' date='Jul 27 2006, 07:30 PM']
It was the purple people eater, your in deep shit now. :cry:
:11: :clapper:

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#5 Guest_BLUE BULL_*

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Posted 28 July 2006 - 02:50 pm

Hmmm, :11: :11: :clapper:

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#6 Guest_Ditch_Shitter_*

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Posted 31 July 2006 - 12:23 pm

Have you lot finished yet? :rolleyes: :laugh:

Funny bit is, Blue Bull's lovely avatar is actually just the job! See that Staffie? Aye, well That's pretty much the sort of colour I was trying to get at! (Naaaah! :tongue2: ) So, now what's so hillarious?

Look at Rooks: They're 'Black'. Yet, caught in the right light, don't they sometimes appear to have a 'purple' sheen? That's all I'm trying to say. This thing had that same sort of purple hued blackness to its coat. But never mind the colour. It's that particular kind of coat.

Anyway, I was just curious what a man of experiance might of made of it. As I say; We're known to have Boar around here. So it's hardly the end of the world that one should happen to pass by. Just glad the thing seems to have kept on going! Last thing I want is to go down to the donkeys paddock and have a f***ing great 'Wild Boar' errupt from beneath the hay stack! :icon_eek: Scare me to f***ing death, it would!

#7 woodga


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Posted 31 July 2006 - 02:38 pm

look for sign of the pigs or what ever it is it will have to leave tracks signs of pig activity are easy enough to spot :good: and there should be some hair on fences or brambles we have had a few with the dogs and pushed them out of thick cover with the beagles but we knew they were there due to the field close by being ripped up while they were foraging GOOD HUNTING ALL WOODGA :ph34r:

#8 Guest_Ditch_Shitter_*

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Posted 01 August 2006 - 02:45 am

look for sign of the pigs or what ever it is it will have to leave tracks signs of pig activity are easy enough to spot ...

Damn. Of course, you're dead right, Woodga. And that's the very thing that has bothered me so much since that day that I've 'Forgotten It'. There was no sign.

Thinking about this thread today, while I was out there, I glanced over the hedge. That's when it hit me: I have a three foot damn stock fence enclosing the corner this 'what ever it was' was heading for! It was running itself straight into the corner of, in fact, three runs of standard, light weight stock fence. Had to go through it or over it. Boar could easily have gone through it ~ but I Think I might have noticed if it had! :unsure:

Damndest thing. Nothing that tall (I'd use a sheep as a prime example of the size of this bugger) could have got through the meshes either. It must have gone over the fence, down there out of sight of this window.

Sh*t! I know it, and I guess you know it too: Only two creatures could be that size, colour, ability and be around here. Rough coated dog or else one of the 'Cats' people speak of round here .....

I'm a firm believer in certain types of 'unexpected' cats being in UK. I haven't really got an opinion on what's talked of out here. But for me to accept that that thing was a Cat? That's bullsh*t! I saw it. I looked for sign of it afterwards. I found jack. Conditions (this being back in the heat wave) weren't good for it and I have goats making tracks in the vegetation here anyway. It's played on my mind ever since and likely always will do.

Fact remains though that I've heard of No medium sized, rough coated dogs of that sort of colour round here either. In this 'stock keeping county I'm afraid a loose roaming dog likely won't last five minutes :whistle: And pig activity? I spend too much of my time tracking and examining where the local 'pig' population go and do. You're right again; Pig activity would be unmissable. There's no Big Pigs working my land.

Oh well. Looks like I've been in denial over this one. Clutching at straws ~ like Boars ~ to explain it to myself. Seems I'll just have to file it under one of those 'Damndest Things'. I really haven't a clue What the hell it was. Looks like I never will :unsure:

Thanks for the input :good:

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