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Shottie Carts

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Gamebore high bird 32gm No6's for everything bar fox, 40gm No1's for him. Eley 2 1/2" No6's in the .410 Hushpower for general mooching about, but I keep a few 3" No4's in my pocket as well ;)

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caledonian cartridges 6s 32 grm and bb,s aaa,s 3 inch winchester magnums well pretty much anything which packs a punch for charlie

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Through the 12 bore Gamebore Pure Gold and RC Sipe 32g of 6's and 5's for squirrel and pigeon. 36g of BB's for Charlie.


Through the 20 bore Hull Sterling Game 28g of 6's and 5's for squirrel, rabbit, and pigeon as well as 32g 3's RC semimagnum for fox.


All fibre wadded other than the fox loads.


Ollie :)

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Guest Macnas

if you keep the range to 25 yards maximum, and can hit your target well and proper, then they'll do, more or less.


Sounds like you're using the clay cartridges there Deek!


Bought a slab of 250 eley olympic trap, 28gr no 7.5 today, cost me 50€.

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