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  1. Birds Of Prey Photographs

    Hi Just an update the black headed gull image has gone national today showing in the sun, the daily mail, daily express, daily mirror, daily record. Offer still stands to birds of prey. thanks
  2. Pole cat for photography.

    Hi, Great i will get it done for you, I have sent an email if you want to reply to that inline with the image. Thanks again Lee
  3. Pole cat for photography.

  4. Pole cat for photography.

    Hi Would just like to say BIG thanks to Rick and Dee for letting me photograph there polecat.
  5. people you would most like to punch?

    I would punch G Bush osama binlarden t blair g brown tele tubys ( all the lot of them ) jerry springer
  6. my dog been attacked

    Hi Mate Osrry to hear about your dog. Some owners of dogs just dont have a clue, and if been attacked then the other person should pay if off a lead. I agree, i have two dogs and if a dog attacked mine first i would take care of the dog then the owner for been such a stupid , as far as australia well what can i say owner would also take a bullit so no come back spaded come cheap over here aswell. a quick and simple solution mate, Got to the coast get your self a starfish, cook it in fryingpan that you are never going to use again in beef dripping, go for a walk down the field next time you see the dog feed it the starfish, no bullet required. Or A bit of meat with a mercuary battery ( the small watch ones )in side and walk away. or grab the front legs so on back legs and then give them a good push outwards and towards its back so its sholderbaldes go inward if it attacks again. Some people may not agree and sorry for this but some times needs must, next time it may kill a dog ( may be yours )maybe a child, far fetched ????? i dont think so.
  7. Hi all, I put an add up in the birds section awhile ago to take photos of birds of pray, am out this weekend photographing a harris hawk for a HL member. I am looking to photograph a polecat or ferret that looks like a polecat if anyone has one around yorkshire area i would love to photograph it. Long shot if anyone has a stoat of weasle ????? Its stricktly photography I am after, i am a hunter myself so like minded. In return i will supply some images taken on the day. I would like to photography it in a mossy wood looking around a tree coming through a drystone wall, head poping up above grasses. If anyone can help its would be greatly appreciated I can provide refrences from a few members on the forum. P.M me if anyone can help? Thanks Lee
  8. Poll...this time it is serious!!

    f**k HER off out of it mate,your dog good luck with it LOL, your dog you call it, dont want to be in the middle of a hunt shouting piddles really do you?????? go with your dug mate ok name to me.
  9. Arse.P.C.A have been knocking!!!!

    I agree no one should have a dog if you cannot look after it, really goes for any animal. but the guy has posted a photo of the dog in question and other memebers has seen how and commented how he looks after his dogs dont think it was fair to call him a cu*t bet you dont even know him, i dont. But hey ho water under the bridge now. The RSPCA have done there bit and hes done his.
  10. Arse.P.C.A have been knocking!!!!

    Is that what it is, or is it more the point that i'm working days and nights to pay bills, and have enough money to live after telling her to leave???? besides if i was only working one job and was at home more, i still wouldn't be sitting in his kennel keeping him company after his needs had been met........ Bit out of order really on what fireman said. Can be hard when you have to work every hour god sends to look after yourself let alone the dog. Maybe its your ex maybe not, best thing to do is let them in and let them look at him, aslong as hes well looked after water, food a place to sleep thats dry if an outside dog then no problem. Just a pointer for everyone -RSPCA have a job to do just like me and you, and yes they can be bast£"SD at time's but think about all the other animals they have saved from bad people that are ill treated, and they are just doing a job.
  11. MOD required Help

    Mine comes up with this error Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Unable to save result set in /home/thehunti/public_html/forums/ips_kernel/classDbMysqlClient.php on line 212
  12. MOD required Help

    Hi Sorry for listing here but my MSG system will not let me in Nor let me send a P.M to anyone so the only way i can contact is through a post. Please can a mod look in to this for me please Thanks
  13. Birds Of Prey Photographs

    Thanks for the comments.
  14. Birds Of Prey Photographs

    Hope you enjoy looking at my work