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  1. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Couple in action. on fox humanly dispatched 😉
  2. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Here's mine .
  3. First dig in snow this year

    Nice dog , fair play mate . Didn't think Brian nutt bred terriers that big ?
  4. Hwv Pups From My Trial Winning Import Bitch

    This bloke asked me 2650 euros for a jagd bitch that apparently works fox lol
  5. Benji

    Alright lads has anyone got a picture of benji? Thanks 👍👍👍

    Lovely dog! Just my type what lines is he ?
  7. -3

    We went out today checked loads of earths nuthing to ground but see plenty on top
  8. Fell And Moorland Dvd

    Tom . Il have one please could you pm me with payment details Iv tried messaging you but you can't receive messages. Thanks
  9. No they are not out of my dog Alfie's one is a different dog. Iv had my dog since I imported him .
  10. Here's two pups off him as a friend of mine used him on a genuine first cross saluki greyhound bitch he has. Both bitch pups 7 pups in the litter I kept this red bitch and my mate kept the black and cream bitch,Fred Holmes had a cream bitch and a white dog and the rest went to good homes so be nice to see how these pups turn out
  11. Just seen this thanks for the comments , cant wait to run him again this year now he's two years old ,was over the moon with him last year as a first season dog was doing the job every week all season think he could be a top class dog this year but have to wait and see.
  12. Isuzu Trooper 3.1 Td

    Can you send me your number please as I am very interested in the izuzu thanks tom
  13. To working home 18 month old done a little bit end of last season really game keen little bitch 13 inch really strong , worker to worker bred perfect for this season. £100 Can send pics as it won't upload on here . 07798731140