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    Racing none pedigree whippets, working terriers and running dogs.
  1. New Zealand Mine disaster

  2. bull whippet

    here are some pics
  3. bull whippet

    bull whippet first cross wanted to line my non ped whippet ,21 inch tts , 35lb , bred out of oscars pride and hellz bitch would allso consider an athletic bull with good conformation. the bitch is an exellent rabbit dog used mainly for daytime work, if any one can help please pm me
  4. S200

    177 mate
  5. S200

    Air Arms S200, 2 piece stock, Hawke scope, camo sling, gun bag, diving bottle £300 no offers. Nr Newark Nottinghamshire
  6. Airarms S200

    Now £300
  7. Airarms S200

    Airarms S200 in 177, two piece stock, scope, gun sling, bag, pellets, all charging gear, comes with diving bottle with test, shoots perfect, £350
  8. Oxford Bantams

    Some pics of two stags and a yearling

    hi mate hope you find the pup
  10. chipper rabbit hound crosses

    Fireman Think these comments are out of order and has really upset my missus as we have never mistreated any animal. Here is a post you sent me after taking you out for a days sport on my permission "Thanks mate for a grand old day out,nice to meet you and see Mister getting bolder and joining in as the day went by.just thought i'd pm you the pics so you can paste them over onto the plummer site,also well pleased Mister will have a heap load of fun to go at when he's older and couldn'r have asked for a better home for him.I've been a numpty and totaly spaced out your numbers so could you please pm them to me and i;ll ring you about next weekend mate.Again thanks bud for the day and if your up for the bank i'll sort some trenching spades out and another smoker to go at it with. steve.." Here is a two photos of Mister which we took the day he was sold And here is a picture of the ill treated bush buster pup And here is the message from the lad who bought Mister. "sold mate hes a cracker can we pick him up friday tea time." And this is a quote from the lad who seen the pictures of the dog took that day. atb Lucan
  11. Out last night

    glad you was happy with it mate
  12. Out last night

    nice one spud, are you still hauling them carp out
  13. my hounds

    what do they work like, do they riot or can you keep control of them ,allways fancied one of these
  14. chipper rabbit hound crosses

    hi i bought a terrier hound type cross advertised on here as [bush busters] i just wonderd if anybody else did and how they are doing ,realy pleased with mine just wonderd about the others. atb lucan