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  1. Airarms Magazine

    Thanks guys, had a look and bought a kit plus spare magazine this morning,thanks very much for all your advice, Tony
  2. Airarms Magazine

    Hi, ive recently bought an Airarms S400f and id like to buy a magazine for it. Ive seen some on Youtube, would anyone have any advice please, cheers Tony
  3. Abu Multypliers

    Hi, ive a few Abu multipliers for sale ranging from 10000, 8000x3 to ultra mags etc. All in very good + condition, pm me for details, Tony
  4. Hi, ive seen a poster for this. Its on Sunday 5th October, does anyone know anything about this please? Atb Barney
  5. Frampton Gamefair

    cheers, one of the few worth its entry fee lmo
  6. Hi does anyone know the date this year please? Great day out by the way, atb Barney
  7. Wanted

    Hi, thought i was going to buy a pair but unfortunately could only buy a cock bird. A massive ask i know but if you dont ask etc etc, so, need a hen or two if anyone could help please, alb barney
  8. Wanted

    Sorted now thanks
  9. Wanted

    Wanted, a pair of Hawfinches, willing to travel and going to Stafford. Any help would be appreciated
  10. Canary Breeding Cages

    some people have just got too much time on their hands!
  11. Cage Tray Lining ....?

    i use easibed, about £7.50 a large bale from countrywide
  12. Gaskings Tramp

    Hes a real goodun Gorger, one of them he caught on the weekend he had no right to catch, he was excellent. Think you'd be impressed if you saw him run mate
  13. Gaskings Tramp

    Diesel has a son of Tramp, was out with him on the weekend. Really top class!
  14. Disaster!

    Think youre doing very well from what i see!! only had some birds around 3 months so trying to learn but getting too excited too soon. its so addictive watching them ha ha, tried birdtrader but no luck as yet, will keep trying and fingers crossed
  15. Disaster!

    Thanks very much for that, i did and do feel very stupid! ha ha hope to find a cock asap so will keep on looking or maybe someone on here may hear of one and let me know? Some cracking posts and photos on here and its shows a complete novice like me what can be achieved. The photos of aviaries and breeders are excellent and gives you something to aim for, atb barney