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Finnish Male Displaying


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Just a couple of pic's of My imprint Finnish male semen donor now coming into condition, plus one of the Finnish female fostering young Harris's, the male is well early to be honest! Its looking like I'll have to slow him down a bit by changing and slowing his diet, the last thing I want is the male giving semen before the female is will to stand for me, some males can dry up quickly and some will give through out the season so trying to get it right could well make or break a season, also there is one of the Female Imprint white Gyr x Saker coming into condition and taking a food pass...













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Cheers Viz :good:.


I was a bit of a bird scarerer at school! but made up for it when my stunning good looks started come through with Maturety :lol::lol:, I hope the birds produce some decent stock mate! with the amount of stock I have brought in and patiently waited over the years for them to mature I want some pay back, the weather down hear certainly isn't helping though, although its supposed to start to get warmer from Monday.





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