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Jagd & Hund 29/01/05 report

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Well, went down to the Jagd und Hund gamefair in Dortmund, Germany, taking the dog along. Good thing, dog got me in quickly through the entrance for people with dogs as there were people lined up outside. Very busy, probably up to 4000 visitors that Saturday. The food was great as it always is in Germany but from my point of view it was pretty dissapointing.


If you like swarms of middle aged fat bellied men surrounded by high tech firearms, fat scopes and precision ammunition who are basically interested in shooting boar, antilope, wildebeest, bears etc. around the world, it was great. Gundog parades were plenty.


If you're into hound work, it sucked. A stand of the working beagle club and that was it. Most of the the outfitters I talked to about booking coursing trips said we don't do it blah blah. Only the one from Scotland and the one from Kirgisia said they might be able to arrange something.


In the advertisement was said that a great deal about conservation and game managment would be on...just a couple of lousy stands with game fodder seeds and game feeders. Nothing on population change or disease.


A few "flowers" were present though. The falconery stand was big and busy, peregrines, hawks and the eagle that is legal to fly in Germany on fox and such. The taxidermists and pelt firms had interesting stands with nice pelts. The jagd terrier stand had good stout looking dogs kenneled on the scene.


But once was enough.



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Good review Lennard....think i will save my money for the midland gamefair :D

Going to the french gamefair in loire this year....which is a good do!!

Very few running dogs.....As i understand it coursing is Illegal in France!! Do you know if thats right??

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