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last night i finally got the chance to take out my new dedicated scope.






a very simple unit to operate.


i arrived at the farm at about 7.30pm, mounted the scope on my cz varmint & loaded it up with eley subs, set a target out at 65yds & placed it on the ground at a rabbits head height.. i put 20 or so shots down the barrel to make sure the grouping was spoton.


i find if i sight in for 65yds the path of the bullet is quite flat out to 100yds.


in this picture the cross hairs are fixed & focused at 65/70yds. if i was to move the scope either way up or down the hedge the picture would of gone out of focus, so i knew that anything that i spotted in focus was at 65/70yds & if i spotted a bunny that wasnt in focus i could adjust the front parallax either way to get it in focus & to know what distance it was, this came in handy..




whilst i was sitting there waiting for nightfall the first bunny came out, but it was still too light to take the front cover off the scope, so i waited for another 30 minutes till it turned pitch black..


this was the first bunny to come out, he didnt know what was coming. the quality of the photo doesnt do the scope justice..


when i went to retrieve him i paced him out to 95yds.




in total i managed to take 8 rabbits in a couple of hours all with clean head shots & between 80 to 100yds....








it has an on/off dial that powers the unit up straight away & also shuts it off straight away without having wait for the image to shut down.


has the option to have the cross hairs illuminated red by turning the on/off dial further.


100mw ir illuminator has 3 settings, 20% 60% & 100% & a variable adjustable beam.


clear images out to 300+yds.


no fish eye image.




a bit pricey, but what the hell ! you get what you pay for.

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