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4 days out of office

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on 25th of december i went to see my friend, we planned to go hunting on 26th on wild pigs, it was a beautifull day with lot of snow and blue sky, after we got together with other hunters, the hunt could start, at the begining dogs found the trail of fallow deers, they started to course them, after making a huge cirle dogs pushed them straight to us, but no shot cause we were on a boar hunt, after another 20 minutes my dog found another group of fallow deers, unfortunatelly there was one young deer, 7months old, not fast enough for my beddy, result can be seen in galery, though it was a baby it was twice time havier than dog.

the hunt continue but still no pigs or foxes, this change after we reached deep forest, dogs find 3y old boar male, hold them till we came and shot the boar, we were nearly to the end of hunting when my dog found the trail and started barking and running away in 5minutes we heard several shots in next 15 minutes i was waiting for a dog, didn t know what happened, then akela came back, after the end of hunt snipers told me that he found two boars one was arround 6months old the other 2y old, he pushed them towards to snipers and hold them on one place till they were shot.

after a perfect day we came back to friends cottage and have hot wine, jagermaister and some gulas from boar.

the next day we decided to go hunt on our own on moufflons, we got up in mornin and went out, after hour of walkin we found a suitable place and wait. in 2hours they came, they past us in a distance of 25m they stopped for a while, friend make a shot, all group run away, we came on place were moufflons stay, i put on trail my dog in 3minutes we found dead moufflon bitch, it was shot right to the heart, it s unbelieveble that she make cca 80m from the place where she was hit.

we came to the cottage have meal, on the next day i went home.

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