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Foodsaver V3860 Vacuum Sealer Machine

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All You Need To Know About Foodsaver V3860

Are you tired of throwing food that has gone bad being stored in the fridge for some time now? Well, you've been storing it wrong. It would help if you had a Foodsaver V3860 vacuum sealer to ensure a longer storage duration for your food. 

Foodsaver is one of the best household appliances brands and manufactures the best vacuum sealers in the industry. The Foodsaver V3860 is one of their top-of-the-line models and is perfect for your kitchen. 

You need to know a lot about the V3860, the best food saver vacuum sealer; continue reading.


Features of The V3860

There are various features that you can enjoy of the V3860. Every feature improves your user experience. So keep reading to learn more about the Foodsaver V3860 vacuum sealer. 

1. Easy To Use

Introduced as an upgrade of the V3850 model, the V3860 has many new features that make it easier for you to use. The vertical design of this the V3860 model provides you with extra space to use it. 

The vacuum sealer carries out an automatic operation. All you need to do is feed it to the vacuum bag, and you will get your food sealed in a few seconds. 

2. Versatility
The V3860 was introduced as an upgraded model, and Foodsaver did a great job. The Foodsaver V3860 vacuum sealer can vacuum seal wet and dry food. If you want to vacuum seal any soft food item, you can stop the sealing operation before crushing it.

This makes it the best food vacuum sealer for salmon as you can now store it for a longer period. 

3. Durable

No doubt that Foodsaver appliances are made to last a long while. You will barely experience any wear and tear in a year or two. In addition, you also get all the things you need to seal the bags in the box. 

For example, jars and containers are included in the box. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to purchase anything other than the V3860. 

4. Design

The attractive and sleek design of the V3860 model gives it a great look. It adds a style to your kitchen and doesn't take up much space. However, appearance-wise it is a bit bigger than other Foodsaver sealers, but the vertical design doesn't let it take up enough space in your kitchen. 

It can work easily on the countertop and make it the best vacuum sealer for frozen foods

Is It Worth Buying?

After getting to know the Foodsaver V3860 reviews, it has provided us with a better consumer insight. In addition, the users have praised the product for its features and ease of using it. 

Most users have had the vacuum for years and still have not faced any problems. It is a great vacuum sealer in your kitchen if you want to solve your food storage issues. 

Final Words

That was your complete for the V3860 of Foodsaver. If you get this product, you will mention the features mentioned above. It is the best one-time investment that you would make for your kitchen. Make your life easier and get a vacuum sealer to solve all the storage issues. 

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