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Vorn Lynx rucksack

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Hello all, my first post on these forums. I am interested in buying a Vorn Lynx backpack for hunting on Uist, Outer Hebrides. I stalk in our own forest and have tried a few different slings, but I like the idea of being able to go out with a pack which will take a rifle and some food and extras. The Vorn system looks good with a quick release for the rifle. Their own video shows the rifle taken from the carrier onto your shoulder in about 2 seconds. I've always had back pain with regular slings after a day on the hill and can't carry much water, food etc. Has anyone used the Vorn Lynx before? I'm wondering if the rifle carrier can be adjusted so you can sit down without removing the back pack? Thanks in advance.

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I am using a Harkila back type sling just now, but it's always a hassle to re-sling the rifle if you've taken it off in a hurry. It means removing the sling and restrapping it then putting back on again. Also no pockets for even a smartie.


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I've got tons of f***ing pictures! It becomes a bit of a mission finding the right ones. :laugh:

Anyway, yeah buy one! I stalk some ground on chalky/flinty downland and I was getting pissed off with my shouldered rifle crashing off of my shoulder when traversing the terrain. So I bit the financial bullet and bought one of these Vorn Lynx rucksacks. All my kit conveniently packed away, rifle at hand in a couple of seconds, secured very safely at all times until needed. They're VERY well constructed.

Two noteworthy points in the interest of giving a fair overview: If you are in thick shitty brush the barrel will catch on branches and piss you off. In these circumstances I simply release it and carry in my hand. The other is that the whole loaded pack is notably heavy, doesn't bother me mind and I'm not a big fella but it's a comment a few folks have made so I feel i should mention it.

They're not cheap but no more than a decent pair of boots. You should get decades of use out of the Vorn, whereas a pair of boots might last 3-5 years of light use so I don't consider it expensive really.

To answer your question: the pack can be adjusted but you can't make it flush with the bottom of the actual sack so it does make sitting on the ground difficult. Not exactly a big problem given you're not sitting down regularly while stalking.

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