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Looking for duck.....

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.....this morning was a flop. Nowt doing then from nowhere came the flood. Soaked from head to foot. Fortunately I had some wool on so didn't get cold.

Got back home and it brightened up so thought I would go and check the barley the farmer hasn't been able to get in yet. WOW, covered in woodies!

Had a good session with hatistani which incidentally is fussy about feeding on 67mm cases but behaved today on fiocchi pigeon loads. Of which are very spready through the half choke! I was struggling with them so shot into a flash of rain water and was amazed how wide the spread was, like a cylinder barrel!

I put the 3/4choke in a bingo, that snugs them up a treat.

Any how I ran out of ammo so got the camera out.

It's a good spot for an air rifle!


They just kept on coming in but I didn't want a sack full. I had my fun so left them be.


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