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Iv been watching a pair of buzzards over last few yrs ,they always nest in same tree and it's nice to sit and watch them for a while when out with my lurchers .

anyhow they nested as normal and over the weeks the chick grew and the parents started to learn it how to hunt .

we was walking along the paddocks when I noticed 3 buzzard on the ground 30ft away ,one was jumping up and down and looked to be stamping feet at something and then the other one started jumping .

mu lurchers moved forward and spooked the hawks so we carried on walking ,on way home we walked back the same way and my lurchers found a dead half eaten snake ,I think the parents had been showing chick how to kill the snake.what I had seen from fence was the parent was stamping on head and flying up twenty feet or so and dropping it to kill it .

any one see this kind of thing befor ?

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