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Young dogs first stalk

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Well back in July I picked up a young lab, nice dog who has had my attention ever since, I have invested a lot of time into steadying him, and getting his sit compliance where I wanted it, the dog has been a pleasure to train, and knowing he’s still young I am cautious what I expose him to, anyway I decided to take him for a stalk this morning as a training exercise, he’s really spatially aware, steady, and watches my hands intently, so I though he’s ready, so I  left the lead in the car, And set off mid morning, to a spot I knew had a few does, I did a bit of sit work as I headed up the first field, 59AAC29B-3F2D-442C-8569-5DC5ADB5CF01.jpeg.35c6481c451e1956cc8c6680504a75db.jpeg

The area was bad long rushes and grass, rough walking underfoot, hard to keep the approach quiet, anyway nothing ventured and all that, I spotted 2 does ahead, walking away from us, in the long grass, we stalked them 400 yd or so, and the dog did well, getting a little too close at one point, I felt him on the back of my welly, however he sat every time I stopped without being told, after what seemed like ages we reached a maize stubble, and the dog pulled along side of me, I notice straight away he had scent in his nose, and true enough there in front in the long grass, stood a doe 4AB12066-AA2F-4A30-9440-E2F9A510FC55.jpeg.839661dddeccd251be0836a8894f0e1c.jpeg dog sat lovely while the sticks were set up, and the doe went broad side , one well placed shot later, and job done, I took him down wind and let him work into it, 

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